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-The HALF team

We ARE feeding people in need!!!! WHOO HOO

I have written and re-written this blog a few times now.
The truth is, in this case, a picture can speak a thousand words, so instead of me spinning my wheels trying to come up with some sort of compelling thing to say about what you are about to see I choose to instead let my words be few.

All I have to say is: Thank you.

Thank you for caring enough about helping people in need that you chose to purchase a HALF product and as a direct result change someone's life, someone you don't even know.

This (very small)photo is one HALF just received of some people in Fiji sitting and standing behind the boxes of food YOU gave them by purchasing HALF products.

WE AT HALF COMMEND YOU! We want you to know that we truly value your support and are so happy that even a small grass roots company like ours CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Take a look at this photo and feel proud of what you've done. You literally have fed hungry people in need.

Thank you for FIGHTING HUNGER with HALF.

Last week HALF fed people.

No suprise right? Since feeding people is what we "DO"...Well, really, it's what YOU do since your purchases are the reason anyone, anywhere, who is fed by HALF is fed in the first place.

Regardless of the who's and how's and where's and why's, last Saturday the HALF team along with the wonderful people from one of our partnering organizations "Vigilant Hope" fed people. And it was wonderful, and life-changing, and beautiful.

It might seem odd but this whole event got me thinking about that time-honored evening-hour tradition of sitting down for dinner (well, we ate breakfast, but you get the point). With life's busy pace constantly spinning around all of us like some sort of wicked beast of a cyclone, its so easy to miss meals, or at least those shared with others. But last week when myself and my friends (both old and new) took the time out of our Saturday mornings to sit down and eat together the most peculiar thing happened- We formed bonds that otherwise we would have missed out on. Each of us may have one day just walked right past the other and would have never known the friendship that could have been.

Something happens when you eat, and chat, and complain, and laugh, and even cry over a meal with friends. And this past Saturday all of the above happened and it was grand.

Here are some photos of our time.

We'll be doing this all summer, and we'd love you to come and experience this for yourself.

much love.
Carmin and the HALF team.

photos courtesy of our friend Jen Griffin- check her out at
and our pals at Vigilant hope-

HALF Wants the Help of Ellen!!!

Hey friends!

This week we have been working to get on the Ellen Degeneres Show! HALF staffer Midge is a huge fan of the show and thought Ellen may just be willing to make a business deal with us. Since Ellen is currently trying to achieve "World Domination" we thought we would offer her a deal: If she would have us on her show and get our name out there we would put her flag atop all of our new feeding centers abroad.

We have mailed two letters, brought in the help of producers on the show, and made a video for her to get to know us better. So we are waiting in hopeful anticipation for a call from her staff! It would be absolutely amazing to reach so many people with her help!

We could totally use your help though! If you have some spare time send a quick E-mail or letter to Ellen asking her to put us on her show. The more help the better!

Thanks guys,

HALF Staff

P.S. Thought you might enjoy watching our video!

Get Your Fashion Fix While Feeding the Hungry!

A Style Swap taking place March 6th, at 7:00 pm at Parallelogram Art Gallery in Downtown Wilmington.

While a $10.00 donation will be suggested at the door, this event is totally free! Bring yourself, your friends and up to 3 fashionable items you'd like to swap and we'll take care of the rest!

Live Music, great drinks and fabulous raffle prizes will be on hand!

All proceeds benefit "HALF United" to feed those in need.

This event is going to be a blast and we'd love to have you there!
For More Information visit or

Recap of a busy week

Hey all!

Just wanted to share a little bit of what the HALF staff has been up to this past week. Since the earthquake in Haiti we have been working relentlessly to help in whatever way possible. On Thurs. Feb. 4th we held a benefit concert to raise money and support for the What If? Foundation, our partner organization who is feeding over 4000 people a day in Port-au-Prince in the midst of this crisis. The event was very much a success with a fantastic turnout and over $1500 in donations alone! A big thank you to Rio Bravo and all of the other bands who donated their time and talent. Our thanks also extend to Satellite Bar & Lounge, Parrish Stikeleather, and everyone who came out to support us!

The HALF staff also had a fabulous photoshoot for our new products over the weekend that was more of a party than work. Without spoiling the photos for you we used some really cool props to show off our new products including balloons, bubblegum, and an army trunk from World War I! We can't wait to see the proofs (and show them off) so be on the lookout soon!

We've got way more cool stuff coming up (hint hint - our Spring line of men's apparel!) so check back soon for the latest on what we're doing!

HALF Staff


Please stand with us, Thursday, February 4th, 7:00pm at Satellite Lounge in Downtown Wilmington as we commence "HALF for HAITI," a benefit concert being held to raise the funds and awareness needed to help the many people suffering in this tiny Caribbian Nation.

Your presence is absolutely appreciated. No donation is too large or too small.
Thank you for your love and support.

Urgent Message!

This week we were to announce our official partnership with The What If? Foundation,, an organization based out of Berkley CA that feeds 1500 people a day in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This blog update will serve as a "super" update in that we are both announcing our partnership and explaining a critical situation for Haiti as a country.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 76 percent of Haitians living on less than $2 a day. A majority of the country lives in unthinkable poverty with little way to get out of the "poverty trap." With the country still recovering from the damage of the 2008 hurricane season, Haiti was hit yesterday afternoon Jan. 12th, with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. 13 aftershocks were recorded above a 6.0 on the Richter scale. It is estimated that over 3 million people have been affected already. Reports of damage and casualties are still coming in as the country is in a state of chaos currently. The UN peacekeeping mission reports that numerous staff has been reported dead or unaccounted for. Thousands of people within the capital are still trapped in the rubble.

We at HALF will be doing everything we can to provide immediate relief as soon as possible for the people of Haiti. We will update you on the status of the What If Foundation's location in Haiti as soon as possible.

If you would like to contribute in any way please contact us at

The HALF Team

Photos from Port-au-Prince:

'Tis the holiday season!

Hey friends,

It's been a busy week for us here at HALF! Last Saturday and Sunday we had our first food drive! It was 56 degrees and rainy, but very successful with 15 full grocery carts of food! It's so fulfilling to find that people actually want to help and often just don't know how. "Cuerpo Sano Mente Sana" will be back out there with us again this weekend to collect even more food! We're hoping for 25 carts! So come out and make all our dreams come true!

Saturday we also had our 2nd trunk show at Bottega Art & Wine Gallery. Carmin & Hannah did a superb job of setting up our stuff & keeping with the artsy vibe of downtown Wilmington. It was great to spend some time with some of our HALF jewelry artists too!

Last night we headed back downtown to Odessa Bar & Lounge for Hallelu's winter fashion show! What a blast! People lined up around the block to get in and let me tell you, it was cold outside! We felt really bad for the people that got turned away when the building capacity was full! The Hallelu girls did a great job on the runway and we met a lot of really cool people!

So there it is! A brief update of what we have been up to this week! Heading out to the food drive - see ya there!





Shuffle through your pantries, and get ready to give! No donation is too large or too small!

If you've been looking for a Holiday "feel-good" project to get involved in HALF is here to help!

If you are going to be in the Wilmington, NC area the first two weekends in December please stop by the Harris Teeter on Carolina Beach road from 10:00 am- 5:00 pm and volunteer your time, bring something to give, or go grocery shopping for someone in need!

TEAM HALF UNITED, along with YOU, and volunteers from a local Latin organization called "Cuerpo Sano Mente Sana" will be standing in front of Harris Teeter handing out fliers and asking people to make a charitable contribution, or pick up a few non-perishable items to give to needy families for the Holiday season.

TEAM HALF UNITED is stoked about our first ever Food drive and are ready to tell everyone who passes by about our organization, Cuerpo Sano Mente Sana, and about how thankful we are for any donations that will support keeping hungry people fed!

Thanks for all the love and support!
See you in December!